Entering the sector in Konya as a production base, E&Q LIFT is a subsidiary of Dağ Holding which always strives for the best with its innovative perspective, success and trust-based work. E&Q Lift attaches great importance to safety and comfort, acting with the thought of “the impact of lifts on human life” and gives confidence to its customers at this point with its product portfolio of cutting-edge technology. In addition, respect for nature is evident in all its productions, along with its environmentally friendly technologies. Carrying out projects that make a difference with its team of technical experts and its group of managers, its modern management approach and its consumer-oriented R&D studies, E&Q Lift has a wide production network in its sector, with four different product groups and three main factories. E&Q Lift is taking a determined step forward in the sector in line with the principles it follows and offers its stakeholders a standard of living, not just a lift.


To be a leading company that makes a name for itself in the international market with its respect for the environment and people, its reliable system and innovative designs.


To design and implement lift projects that add value to the buildings they serve, with our human, success and trust-based approaches. While doing these, to make a production based on innovation by integrating in our products the technology that develops and renews every day.


As we continue our activities under the motto “The Manufacturer of Leading Brands” in the Turkish lift industry, we produce easily accessible and reliable products that exceed customer expectations by utilizing evolving and modern technologies in line with our vision.

» To document, certify and continuously improve our quality management system to meet the requirements of the standard ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

» To achieve corporate and divisional goals in a team spirit based on the total quality philosophy

» To establish preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing our business processes through the self-assessment process

» To increase efficiency in all our production processes to a level that is competitive in line with the continuous improvement approach at national and global levels, To promote innovative and creative approaches

» To conduct training to improve technical and behavioral skills

» To ensure that our employees work in a pleasant and safe environment by protecting them from the negative effects of the workplace and from accidents.

» To conduct hazard and risk assessments to eliminate conditions that may adversely affect the health and safety of all parties that may be adversely affected by our activities

» By considering the potential impact of our products on the environment, to plan our R&D studies in this direction, and establish continuous communication with all our stakeholders regarding the environmental perspective of our organization and environmental protection practices

» To be a pioneer in scientific research by utilizing modern technologies with our professional staff and to work without compromising on ethical principles

» To constantly develop our products in accordance with the conditions of the elevator industry and to continuously reduce energy consumption

» By taking occupational and worker safety measures in accordance with international standards, to train our employees on this subject,

» By considering the possible effects of our products on the environment, to plan our R&D studies in this direction,

» To constantly improve its effectiveness by constantly improving our resources in order to ensure customer satisfaction and complying with the conditions of our Quality Management System,

» By managing all our activities in accordance with applicable international legislation, national laws/regulations and other obligations in an integrated manner with Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems, we work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization in terms of quality as in every aspect in our sector.


As Dağ Architecture and Engineering firm, we strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment in order to create a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.
In all the activities that we carry out from this point of view;

» Resource consumption and the burden on nature are minimized through the use of state-of-the-art machinery in production,

» As a result of the environmental impact assessments of our products, the environmental impact of the process is evaluated before a new process is introduced,

» Resource consumption is minimized by keeping resource consumption in administrative buildings and production processes at a minimum level,

» All waste generated by our processes is reduced at source and the impact of waste on nature is minimized,

» All environmental obligations are met,

» To improve the environmental awareness of all our employees, the necessary training is provided.


Our goal is to create a safe environment for everyone in the factory area, including employees and visitors, all the way to the end user of the products we produce.
In line with this goal, as a prerequisite for our responsibility to create healthy people and workforce;

» We declare and undertake to comply with the legal obligations and related standards on occupational health and safety,

» To develop and continue training and activities for our employees, subcontractor employees and visitors to adopt our occupational health and safety principles,

» To ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders in the improvement of occupational health and safety practices – – to use safe equipment and appropriate technology for a healthy and safe environment,

To create a culture of occupational safety and health and make it a way of life.